The Process & The Photographer

We Consult

- Image will be used for personal use/ publication

- Type of Image; maternity, wedding, commercial

- Studio/ Outdoors - an environmental on location

- Delivery Preferences - Date, USB, CD, Print size

- Agreement/ Expectations- Sign acknowledgement of services with permissions to photography, and discuss copyright. 

We Consider

- Location for image creation

- Best timing for lighting conditions, and client schedule.


- Scene, wardrobe, or props if needed

- Portraying the message and purpose 

We Compose

- Arrive and meet at designated location

- Asses the wardrobe, hair/ or products appearance

- Creativity begins, follow photographer's directions

We Close


 - Client views gallery

- Client selects desired images

- We review selections

- I prepare images for delivery



- On time delivery

- High quality

- Excellent customer service

- Happy Clients!

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Ashley Wall For All Photography to provide customers with quality images to compliment the growth of themselves and/ or their products. Our friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff will inspire, create and communicate efficiently with customers. Demonstrating professionalism and effective customer service through-out the photography process, from consult to close.. 



About  Photographer

Ashley Wall has been a photographer, professionally for 10 years, but a lifetime hobbyist. She has six children and has been married for 15 years. She is native to Austin, where she was born and raised. Nested in south Austin but enjoys traveling and road trips with the family. 

Ashley Wall continues to further her knowledge for photography and design, by actively pursuing a degree in Fashion & Advertising at Austin Community College. With many current accomplishments of digital certifications. Ashley participates in print competitions and publications locally and globally and has even been published in Photography Forum Magazine. 


Current Series:

Ashley Wall is currently pursuing a need to capture amputees and their personal emotions involved with the loss of their limb, or limbs. Allowing the individuals the opportunity to express their feelings about their new lives and show their hobbies and strengths or even their struggles and loses. This form of expression can be positive or negative depending on the individuals current emotions. This series could even continue to capture the individuals as they progress through life and the changes one goes through. Hoping to allow them to feel more comfortable with their vision of themselves. Ex: how a leg amputee is still seen as a strong father, or hand amputee still seen a gentle, loving mother. 

Ashley Wall has personal experiences with very close members of family losing limbs. She participated in the emotions that these close individuals went through, and watched the changes they experienced in their interpretation of themselves. She has a personal need to explore the emotions of people; what makes them grow as individuals, and how personal interpretation of ones self can influence you to reach a higher personal growth?